Hearing Loss

We make it a priority to educate residents of Central Florida on hearing loss

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Your Health and Hearing Loss

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We believe in educating our patients on their hearing health, so they can understand how to properly take care of themselves and make informed decisions on their hearing health. Untreated hearing loss can lead to other health complications such as cognitive decline and an increase in falls. Your hearing is connected to your brain and your vestibular system. So when you have untreated hearing loss, your brain isn’t getting the exercise it needs to stay active and healthy. When you can’t hear, your brain doesn’t process sounds into information, resulting in cognitive decline and even dementia. Your ears also help you stay balanced, so untreated hearing loss can lead to an increase in falls and dizziness.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Most people are in denial about their hearing loss. It can take them a long time to realize they have hearing loss because it occurs so slowly that they often adapt to not hearing certain sounds. For this reason it can be challenging to notice the signs of hearing loss, especially if it did occur gradually, over a long period of time. If you or a loved one notice any of the following signs then make an appointment with us so we can ensure you are hearing your best.

  • You turn the TV volume up and your family tells you it’s too loud
  • You misunderstand what people say
  • You miss the punchline of the joke
  • You can hear someone saying something but you can’t understand what
  • It seem like everyone around you mumbles
  • You hear a ringing sound in your ears when no other sound is present

How Can Hearing Aids Help You?

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During your hearing evaluation we perform live speech mapping, which will allow us to see, and to show you, graphically where your hearing loss is. This test shows you the effect of your hearing loss and how much you’re able to understand. Our goal is to address your hearing loss before it becomes severe, or you lose your hearing entirely. Often times, people wait until it’s too late or until they have profound hearing loss. We want to treat your hearing loss as soon as possible so you can continue to hear the sounds you love and remain healthy over all.

Hearing aids will help you remain healthy overall. Studies have proven that hearing loss can cause depression because people often feel socially isolated. With hearing aids, you can hear all the sounds you love, feel included in the conversation, and will give your brain the necessary stimulation to function properly.