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We carry hearing aids from multiple manufacturers to provide you with the best options

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Hearing Aids at Hearing Aid Lab

Hearing aid technology has advanced immensely over the years to accommodate a wide range of hearing needs. At Hearing Aid Lab, we are experts in the different types of hearing aids and what they can offer our patients. From Bluetooth connectivity to rechargeable devices, hearing aids are now technological advanced mini computers to enhance sound quality and distinguish sounds from background noise.

Hearing aids at Hearing Aid Lab

Because Hearing Aid Lab is a private practice, we aren’t committed to one hearing aid manufacturer. We have the ability to sell hearing aids from multiple manufacturers, providing our patients with more options and giving us the opportunity to better fit your needs.

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Hearing Aid Technology

Bluetooth hearing aid technology at Hearing Aid Lab

Today’s hearing aid technology can address all types of hearing loss. Hearing aids are now adaptable and automatic, so you don’t have to change settings or manually adjust them. Within the last ten years hearing aids have seen an immense improvement in their hearing quality, clarity, and features. There are hearing aids that are Bluetooth enabled and there are hearing aids that are completely rechargeable. Every year hearing aid manufacturers release new technology that makes hearing aids more adaptable and convenient for the user. With the new technology it is easier for hearing aid wearers to focus on the conversation because the hearing aids will automatically adjust to the listening environment using smart technology.

At Hearing Aid Lab, we are up-to-date on all the latest hearing aids and their features. We attend regular trainings on the various technologies that are released and understand how to program different types of hearing aids. If you want to learn more about the advancements in hearing aid technology then call us today! We’d love to talk about how hearing aids could positively change your life.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

There are many styles and types of hearing aids that each suit different levels of hearing loss and listening environments. During your hearing aid consultation we will go over all of your options and make a recommendation based on the conversation we have about your lifestyle and where you spend your time. Patients who are very active and spend their time in diverse, noisy environments need a higher end hearing aid that will provide exceptional sound clarity and can identify the difference between background noise and a speaker. Now, patients who are more sedentary and spend the majority of their time in quieter environments do not need as many features in their hearing aids. Our hearing aid specialists will go over your options and recommend what they believe will be best for you depending on your listening environments, lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget.

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