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At Hearing Aid Lab, we believe in providing affordable and quality hearing health care for everyone. Our family-owned practice is dedicated to serving the hearing needs of the Central Florida community and always giving compassionate care to our patients.

Our staff are experts in the fitting and programing of hearing aids as well as in the diagnosis of hearing loss. Come to Hearing Aid Lab and let us help you experience a better quality of life through improved hearing. When you come see us for your hearing health, you become a part of our family.

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Why Choose Us?


Hearing Aid Lab is an independent, family owned practice. Our owner, Luis Guzman, runs the practice along with his two daughters, Elise and Alexis, who are both licensed hearing aid specialists. Because we are a family owned practice, we guarantee that you will be treated with compassion, kindness, and respect. We genuinely love helping our patient’s experience better hearing, that’s why we help everyone regardless of their age, type of hearing loss, or budget. Our patients always have fun when they come in to see us because we treat everyone like family. Our family is known in the community and we enjoy catching up with our patients during their appointments. Other practices are focused on making a sale, resulting in them treating you like a number. At Hearing Aid Lab, we always treat you like the individual you are, because we’re not interested in making a sale. We’re only interested in helping you experiencing better hearing through hearing aids.

Because we are an independent practice we’re not committed to one hearing aid manufacturer. We work with multiple manufacturers to better serve our patients. The more hearing aid brands we are familiar with and can program, then the better chances we have to fit you with the perfect hearing aid. Come visit us at Hearing Aid Lab so can help improve your quality of life through better hearing.

Your First Appointment

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When you come into our office you will be greeted by Maria Guzman, our office manager. She will help you fill out your paperwork and make you comfortable during your visit. We strongly encourage our patients to bring a friend or family member with them to their appointment. During your first appointment there can be a lot of information for you to take in, and having someone with you helps you to better retain all the information. We want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to treating your hearing loss, so we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your appointment.

  1. When you come in for your first appointment our hearing instrument specialist will start with a conversation to discuss what brought you in and what sounds you are having trouble hearing.
  2. We will go over your medical history and what you want to gain out of the appointment. Then we will look inside your ears with an otoscope to make sure your eardrum looks healthy.
  3. After we ensure your ears look good, then we will begin the hearing test. The hearing test does not take long and is painless.
  4. After your hearing test we will go over your results and discuss your options. We will go over all the different types of hearing aids and make a recommendation that will suit your hearing loss and specific lifestyle.

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Why We Partner with the HearStrong Foundation

HearStrong at Hearng Aid Lab

Hearing Aid Lab is a proud partner of the HearStrong Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people get the hearing care they need. 80% of people who have hearing loss let it go untreated. HearStrong aims to close this gap by tackling common barriers to care such as social stigmas, financial difficulties, lack of awareness, resources, and more.

HearStrong’s Efforts Include:

  • Sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss
  • Connecting people with hearing loss to providers who can help them
  • Gifting hearing aids to those in need

Preferred Provider for the NFL Players Association

NFLPA at Hearng Aid Lab a hearing lab near me

Hearing Aid Lab is a preferred hearing care provider for the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation. By partnering with EarQ providers, the PAF aims to bring better hearing to former professional players and their fans across the nation. Together, we spread awareness, help players in need of hearing care, and examine the connection between hearing loss and professional football.

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